District Employment Office


The Image job seekers, those who are residing within the District possessing literate to undergraduate with B.Ed. qualification are eligible to register their names with this office. Candidates, those who are holding certificates / Diploma in Technical qualification are also eligible to register their names here. Candidate with qualifications at Graduate and post-Graduate Standard in professional and Executive line (B.E, M.B.B.S, B.Sc(Agri.), M.A., M.Sc., etc) can register their Educational Qualification directly with the Professional and Executive Employment Office, Manthaveli, Chennai-4. Candidates in possession of qualifications of professional and executive standards can be registered through this office also. The details of such candidates will be forwarded by this office to the Professional and Executive Employment Office, Chennai, which in turn will register the candidates and send the Identity cards directly to the candidates.

Department of Employment’s new vision is to convert the Employment Exchanges into Centres of Excellence for empowerment of youth. The greatest advantage of the Department is its presence in every district, apart from the special employment exchanges. Its coverage enables it to play a very pro-active role to achieve the redefined objectives of Private Sector placements, Vocational Guidance, Employment Market Information (EMI), creation of Study Circles to enhance the competitive skills of job-seekers, special service to the weaker sections of Society and promotion of Self Employment.


This office is functioning in all working days with the following activities, such as:

  1. Registration
  2. Renewal of Registration
  3. Register their Additional qualification.
  4. Sponsoring of candidates for interview according the Employers notification.
  5. Giving Vocational Guidance to job seeking youths.
  6. Motivate the interested candidates for Self-Employment.

The registrants can renewed their registration within the particular month or next succeeding two months either in person or by postal Renewal should be made once in 3 years. If any one failed to renew their registration in the particular period they should apply for renewal within 18 months from the renewal due month. This concession will be given only one chance for renew their lapsed registration. Those who are willing to transfer their registration from one District to another District, they should send a requisition letter along with two Xerox copies of Employment identification card, two copies of Migration Certificate obtained from Tahsildar in the New District, and two Xerox copies of Family card obtained from New District. There is also facilities to the job seekers willing to work at foreign countries can be registered their names in this office without going Overseas Manpower Corporation Ltd., Chennai.

Those who are approach this office for New Registration, they should produce the following:

  1. All original certificates for educational qualification.
  2. Original Family card
  3. Attested Xerox copy of family card.



Un-Employed Visually Handicapped registrants with one year wait age on Live Register are eligible at the following norms. Beneficiaries should be below 40 years at he time of application. This assistance is given for 5 years only.

Relief Details
Category Relief amount per month
Graduates Rs.300/-
H.Sc Rs.250/-

Under this Scheme Daily News papers, various kinds of monthly Magazines and all kind of Competitive Examination oriented books are made available at this circle. Coaching classes are also conducted by eminent coaching staff for the benefit of the member of this study circle. Thestudy circle functioning in this office is more useful to the candidates those who are applied the State/Central Government Competitive Examinations.

  1. candidates accessing the online Employment Registration Portal are informed to furnish correct and complete information regarding their personal profile and educational qualification.
  2. Accuracy in providing information is very essential. Candidates furnishing false or incorrect information are liable for cancellation of their registration with our prior notice.
  3. Even if any one of the information furnished is found to be false, the entire registration stands cancelled and the candidate loses his/her seniority.
  4. The onus of verification of documents lies with the employer. If the employer on verifying the data finds any discrepancy in the details furnished, the appointment for the particular vacancy stands cancelled along with the cancellation of the registration
  1. Aspirants can register themselves at their place and time of convenience, without coming to the employment exchange.
  2. Related expenditure reduced
  3. Work load at Employment Exchanges will come down drastically.
  4. Better work ambience at the employment exchanges.
  5. Secured access to database
  6. The extensive data of skilled work force in Tamil Nadu will be available.
  7. Any time access for the employers to the candidates database
  1. Extension of the registration process
  2. Polytechnics, engineering institutions, medical institutions, teacher training institutions and other educational institutions
  3. Vacancy module to be launched shortly
  4. Drawal of lists online by employers from a database of over 1 crore registrants – both government, and in the future by private sector employers
  1. Registration of HSC and SSLC certificates online at schools
  2. Integration of database of employment exchanges and school education interdepartmental cooperation
  3. Genuiness of data as base data of students given by school education department
  4. Students registered and given employment identity cards at the school itself when they received their mark sheets.