• Provision of Scholarship to students who study in Schools, Polytechnic & Colleges.
  • Award of Prizes for Boys and Girls who secure the first, second and third place in the +2 / SSLC Public Examinations.
  • Granting of Perarignar Anna Memorial Award for four to five years to 2 Boys and 2 Girls who secure the Highest marks in +2 Examinations.
  • Granting of Thanthai Periyar Memorial Award for three years to 2 Boys and 2 Girls who secure the Highest marks in SSLC Examinations.
  • Scheme for Meritorious students to pursue Higher Secondary Education in the best schools of Tamil Nadu.
  • Rural Girls Incentive Scheme.
  • Distribution of Free Bicycles to the Students.
  • Coaching for the Indian Civil Services Examinations.
  • Economic Development Schemes for upliftment of BC/MBC/DNC

Various Schemes are implemented for the Welfare of the People belonging to Backward Classes, and Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities. The details of schemes, benefits, eligibility and whom to apply are given below:

Education Scholarship
S.No Name of the Scholarship Benefits Eligibility Whom to apply
1 Pre- Matric [To the student studying in IX & X] Supply of free text books and reimbursed special fees Parents income should not exceed Rs. 50,000/- Respective head of the Educational institution with proof of income and community
2 Post-Matric [To the students studying from +1 upto research students level (Ph.d) ] Tuition fees special fees text Book money Boarding and Loading charges [as prescribed by the government] examination fees are reimbursed at the prescribed rate -do- -do-
3 Free Education for degree course for MBC/DNC Tuition fees special fees non-refundable compulsorily payable miscellaneous fees and examination fees reimbursed in full as claimed by the educational institution No income limit Respective head of the educational institution with the community certificate
4 For BC Tuition fees special fees non-refundable compulsorily payable miscellaneous fees and examination fees reimbursed in full as clamed by the educational institution
  1. The parents income should not exceed Rs.50,000- per annum
  2. Candidate should be the first person studying degree course in the family
5 Free education for Professional course Tuition fees special fees non refundable compulsorily payable miscellaneous fees and examination fees are reimbursed in full -do- -do-
6 Free education for Polytechnic/Diploma -do- -do- -do-


Sl. No. Name of Scheme Allotment (Target) for 2002-2003 Achievement for 2002-2003
(Rupees in thousand)
Backward Classes
1 J.E. Pre Matric 200 180
2 J.F. Post Matric 1700 1675
3 J.O. Free-Education 1500 1500
4 J.Y. Free-Education 300 300
5 B.U. Free-Education to Professional course 50 50
Total 3750 3705
Most Backward Classes
1 B.H. Pre. Matric 55 52
2 B. I Post Matric 800 800
3 K.G. Free Education 2150 1900
4 K.K. Free Education to Polytechnic 860 300
5 B.M. Free Education to Proffessional Course 150 150
6 K.E. Pre. Matric 110 110
7 K.F. Post. Matric 20 20
8 K.K. Post Matric 6 6
9 J.C. Post Matric 50 50
Total 4201 3388

Award of Prizes

Who secured highest mark 9th district level in the X std and XII public Examination +2 two first prizes (only one Boy one Girl) X std First, second and third prizes are each one Boys and one Girls.

Peraringar Anna Memorial Award at the rate of 3000/- Per annum per student are granted for four/ for complete of education year two Boys two Girls. Who have secured the first and second rank in +2 Examination among BCs / MBCs / DNCs communities in each of the District who joined to Professional Colleges, Similar Memorial Award in the name of “Thanthai Periyar Award also granted to three years two Boys and two Girls who have secured the two first and second Rank in Xstd Examination among BCs / MBCs / DNCs in each of district and who have joined the Polytechnic. There is no limit for these awards.

Supply of free Tools

Free Tools are supplied to Salavai Thozhilalar Mudithiruthuvor and Boyars (Barber) to enable them to under take their traditional occupation to improve their livelihoods subject to annual income limit of Rs.16,000/- in rural area and Rs. 24,000/- in urban area The following tools are given to the beneficiaries:

  1. Iron Boxer – (Rate of tools Rs.1400/-)
  2. Barber Kits – (Rate of tools Rs. 255/-)
  3. Sewing machines

Among the Backward Classes/ Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities, large number of persons are still remain unemployed. There is therefore an urgent need for helping the people of this category to enable them to be self-employed. Tailoring is Considered to be an important and popular occupation, both in urban and rural areas, requiring very small investment to start and also capable of generating an assured and steady income. Therefore the Government of Tamil Nadu have proposed for supply of free sewing machines to Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities families in urban and rural areas to enable them to start their own tailoring shops subject to the following conditions.

  1. The beneficiaries should belong to Backward Classes/Most Backward Classes / Denotified Communities between 20-45 year of age and should have knowledge of tailoring.
  2. Annual family income should not exceed Rs.16,000/- in rural areas and Rs.24,000/- in urban areas.
  3. Beneficiaries covered under the social welfare Department Schemes will not be eligible under this scheme.
  4. Physical and Finance Target and Achievement for the Year 2002-2003 – nil


In Nagapattinam District 24 High School hostels and two college hostels are run to 1200 students from 6th standard onward with income ceiling of Rs.50,000/- The distance limit for boys from residence to school should be beyond 5 km. There is no distance rule for girls’ student the rate of Rs. 300/- per high school boarders Rs. 400/- for college towards for a period of 10 mints At present the District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare officer is responsible only for verification of Income, Community and Birth date. The loan eligibility deciding power is vested with Joint Registrar of Co-Operative Societies only. A single agency may be fixed with all responsibilities. A part from this, one unit office of the corporations may be created in every District to deal with all ministerial work. 150 BC/MBC women were trained under E.D.P sponsored by BC/MBC Department during the year 2001-2002. A sum of Rs.57,750/- was incurred for this programme (150xRs.385) During 2002-2003 E.D.P Training is proposed to be given for Muslim youths by TAMCO and to assist them by giving business Loans at Rs. 25,000/- each through Co-Operative, Banks. The estimated beneficiaries are 75

InfraStructural Facilities

The Government have decided to provide infra structural facilities such as Road, Street lights, Hand pump and over head tanks in house site layout already purchased land owner in Nagapattinam District

List of Hostels for BC and MBC
S.No Taluk Hostel Type Strength
1 Nagapattinam Govt. Girls Hostel, Nagapttinam BC 50
2 Govt. Girls Hostel, Nagapattinam MBC 50
3 Govt. Girls Hostel, Velankanni BC 50
4 Kilvelur Govt. Boys Hostel, Kilvelur BC 50
5 Thirukuvalai Govt. Girls Hostel, Thirukuvalai BC Govt. Building 50
6 Govt. Boys Hostel, Manakudi BC 50
7 Vedaranyam Govt. Boys Hostel, Sembodai MBC 50
8 Govt. Boys Hostel, Thangattur BC 50
9 Govt. Boys Hostel, Kariyapattinam BC 50
10 Govt. Boys Hostel, Ayakaranpulam BC 50
11 Govt. Boys Hostel, Vedaranyam BC 50
12 Govt. Girls Hostel, Vedaranyam BC 50