District Collector , Nagapattinam is the supreme authority of the district. He controls the Revenue unit and Panchayat Development units of the district administration through his Personal Assistants, General and Panchayat Development at his Head Quarters. District Supply officer, manages the Public Distribution System in co-ordination with the Joint Registrar of Co-operatives,  while the Special Deputy Collector for Public Grievance Redressed Cell, attends to the grievances submitted to the Collector. District Collector is having two district level officers, one for the welfare of the Adi Dravidar and another for the Backward Classes and Minorities

    District Revenue Officer, Nagapattinam is assisting the District Collector in all his responsibilities. He is the authority for the land matters of the district. Revenue Collection in the district is regulated by the District Revenue Officer. The DRO grants various licenses, in the capacity of Additional District Magistrate

The Public Health system in the district and the maintenance of Government Hospitals are supervised by the District Collector through the Joint Director of Public Health, Nagapattinam .

    The Deputy Director of Public Health, Nagapattinam  is maintaining the rural health system and Primary Health Centres available at the villages under the supervision of the District Colector. The District Collector monitors the Agricultural and Animal Husbandary activities in this district through the Joint Director of Agriculture and Assistant Director of Animal Husbandary respectively at Nagapattinam .

    Likewise, Assistant Director of Fisheries Nagapattinam is responsible for the inland and marine fishing activities in this district. District Collector also commands the works of the Chief Educational Officer, District Educational Officer and District Elementary Educational Officer who are managing the Educational Institutions upto Higher Secondary level. District Collector executing works relating to irrigation through the PWD authorities and road management through the Divisional Engineer, Highways, Nagapattinam . District Collector monitors the welfare actions of the Banking units in the district. In the capacity of the District Magistrate, the Collector granting various licenses.