Transport Department

Regional transport office

A good, safe and sustainable Transport system is fundamental to the well being of every citizen. It is essential for our economic growth. No economic development is possible without an efficient transport system. It is central to our lives. We are using road transport services when we travel to work, to school, to shop, to go on holiday and, more particularly, when we move essential commodities. Therefore an efficient system is essential. In this context, the role of transport Department assumes significance. The role of Transport Department does not end but putting come buses on the road. The Department has to co-ordinate, regulate, synchronize and integrate all modes of Transport ensure free, smooth, safe and regulated travel. The Department has to ensure road safety for which purpose check the fitness of vehicles, grant permits to commercial vehicles, grant driving license after assessing the competence of applicants to drive the vehicle safety and regulate bus fares for stage carriages, regulate movement of vehicles on road, check automobile pollution etc., To make the transport system efficient, co-operation of one and all is necessary. Besides, it is equally important that the general public are familiar with the procedure followed in the office of the Transport Department and vehicle owner/driver/conductor are aware of their duties and the rules and regulations governing road transport. This charter has been prepared against the above backdrop.

The following works are being carried out in this Office :

  • Issue of Learner’s Licence, Driving License and Conductor Licence etc.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles, Renewal of Registration Certificate etc.
  • Issue of Fitness Certificate and Renewal of Fitness Certificate etc.
  • Issue of National Goods Carriage Permit, Goods Carriage Permit, Contract Carriage Permit (Tourist Taxi, Maxi Cab, Autorickshaw, Shared Auto, etc), Educational Institution Bus, Private Service Vehicle, Stage Carriage Permit etc.
  • Checking of all classes of Motor Vehicles in respect of Road Safety aspects and other offences and collecting Compounding fee.
  • Action taken against the Driving Licence holders who involved in fatal accident and violation of Transport Rules.
  • Celebration of Road Safety week in the month of January every year to make awareness among the public.
  • Checking of Pollution Testing Centre, Emergency Accident Relief Centre etc.