The Medical Infrastructure

Head District Quarters Hospital is situated at Nagapattinam. It provides Medical Care to all the Patients who come to the Hospital Quality of Service depends upon availability of Resources and patient load. Services are free for poor [Income ceiling less than Rs.1000/-PM ] and all in casualty.

This Hospital has 445 Beds. Doctors wear white coat, nurses and Others in prescribed Uniform. Enquiry counter exist in the OP Department during OP Department hours. Signboards and guidelines are fixed at strategic points for guidance.

Casualty and emergency services are available round the clock on all days. Duty Doctors are available round the clock. In serious cases, treatment get priority over usual requirements.


Free diet is provided to poor patients. Staff Nurses are on duty round the clock in the Ward. Admitted patients should contact the Nurse on duty for any Medical assistance.


These services are available at main casualty located accessible from main gate. All Medico legal cases including traffic accident cases are attended to main casualty. All Casualty services are available round the clock. Duty Doctors are available round the clock. Specialist doctors are available round the clock. Heads of departments are available on call from Specialist, if required. Emergency services are available for all specialties as listed in the OPD services. Emergency operations are done in Emergency Operation Theatres (Three Nos.) Operation Theatres are located on Hospital Building.


7.30am to 12.00 Noon [for general cases]
3.00 pm to 5.00 pm


The success of these facilities depends on the support received from users. Please try to appreciate the various constrains under which the Hospital is functioning. On an average 1340 patients attend the OP and about 420 patients are attended to Casualty daily and 350 inpatients are treated daily. Please help us in keeping the hospital and it’s surrounding neat and clean. Please use the facilities of this hospital with care.

Beware to toilets. The Hospital is a non-smoking zone. please refrain from demanding under favour from the staff and officials. Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions. These may be addressed to Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

In-patients wards functioning in this Hospital

  • Siddha Ward
  • Male Medical Ward I
  • Male Medical Ward II
  • Male Surgical Ward I
  • Male Surgical Ward II
  • Female Medical Ward
  • Female Surgical Ward
  • Children Ward
  • Post Partum Ward (FW)
  • 30 Ward
  • Ortho Ward
  • Eye Ward
  • Labour Ward (Maternity Ward)
  • T.B. Ward
  • Leprosy Ward
  • AGE Ward
  • Intensive Medical Care Unit
  • Intensive Cardio Care Unit
  • Mental Health
  • A&E Ward

Hospitals with Ambulance facilities

  • Govt. Hospital, Mayiladuthurai
  • Govt. Hospital, Sirkali
  • Govt. Hospital, Porayar
  • Govt. Hospital, Vedaranyam

Duties and Responsibilities of Deputy Director of Medical Rural Health Services and Family Welfare

  1. Government Hospitals and Primary Health Centres – LS Camps Organizing and conducting and evaluation.
  2. Organizing and conducting NSV Camps and IEC Works.
  3. Providing funds and Sup0-ervising the IUD Camps in Primary Health Centres, Government Hospitals and Urban Health Posts.
  4. Government Hospitals – 90% Coverage of deliveries and Ps and LS Camp Arrangement and follow up.
  5. Conducting IUD Training to all Staff of PHC and GH and Urban Health Post.
  6. Conducting PS training to MBBS Doctors of PHC and GH.
  7. LS Training to Obstetricians / Gynecologists
  8. HOB work done by PHC is supervised and done sample survey.
  9. Collecting FW report from PHC, GH, Medical College Hospital, Urban Health Post and Approved Private Nursing Homes and consolidated and submitted to Director of Family Welfare every month.
  10. Regularly conducting monthly FW review meetings for ANMs, Block Health Statisticians, Block Extension Educator, District Extension Educator on second every month.
  11. Receiving condoms, Oral Pills, from Director of Family Welfare and issued to all Government Institutions through Tamil Nadu Medical Service Corporation.
  12. Receiving Copper T from Director of Family Welfare and issued to all Medical Institutions through Tamil Nadu Medical Service corporation.
  13. Receiving and Distributing Budget for LS Camp and IUD Camp and surgical team expenses to Government Institution.
  14. Verification of Sterilization failure cases and arranges for the drawal of compensation amount to the failure cases.
  15. Conducting Quality Assurance meeting for failure sterilization cases once in three months under the chairmanship of collector.
  16. Conducting inspection for the recognition of Private Nursing Homes to do Family Welfare Sterilization and MTP Services.
  17. Supervision of MTP work in Government Institution, Post Partum Centres and Private Nursing Homes.
  18. Distribution of funds for Operation Theatre functioning and Maintenance in Primary Health Centres and Government Hospitals.
  19. Combined Family Welfare review meeting along with Joint Director of Health Services, Deputy Director of Health Services and Medical Officers under the Chairmanship of the Collector every month.
  20. Combined Review meeting along with Medical officers for Maternal Death and Infant Death Audit Meeting at Collectorate.
  21. Attending the District Health Society review meetings at the Collectorate as a member.
  22. Providing Diet charges to the acceptors of Family Welfare Operations.
  23. Operation Theatre trainings to Staff Nurses, Theatre Assistants and Assistant Surgeons in doing LS Operations.
  24. Reimbursement of Health facility charges to Approved Private Nursing Homes.
  25. Carrying out the instructions give by the Director of Family Welfare then and there.


Treatment at primary Health Centre is given from 8.00Am to 11.00AM and 3.00PM to 5.00PM. 2 Medical Officers are available at each Primary Health Centre. For emergency Treatment Ambulance services are available on payment. Each Primary Health Centre is provided with some beds for in-patient’s treatment. Anti-natal clinic is conducted on every Tuesday. Immunization of infants is done every Wednesday.

Free blood examination is done to Anti-natal mothers, Ferrous sulphate Tablets(FST) are distributed to anti-natal mothers. I.U.D., insertion services are available. To know the malaria positive cases, Blood smears are taken for fever cases. Sputum examination is done to identify T.B. Cases. lesions examined by NMS during OP time and confirm for treatment IEC also given for deformity cases. Blood smears are taken to identify the Filaria cases.

Rabies and Snake bite cases are treated both day and night. Deliveries are conducted at the Primary Health Centre. in-patients facility is available for other patients also. Al medicines are check-up are given free to the patients with the monthly income less than Rs.1000/-


24 Hours PHCs in the District are Thalanayar, Thirumarugal, Konerirajapuram Akkur, Sankaranpandal, Kiliyanur and Kali. Medical Officers are available on call for treating the patients 24 hours in a day. Sterilizations are to be done for Male and Female. Ambulance services are available on payment for transporting emergency cases.


To give mother and child health care: Mother and child health care is provided at Health Sub Centres level. All pregnant women are registered by Village health Nurse and given Anti-natal care Five times during the period of pregnancy.

Tetanus Toxic injection are given twice. Anti-natal women are also given Hundred (100) Ferrous Suphate Tablets (FST) pregnancy complicated are also checked. complicated pregnancy/delivery is referred to higher medical institutions by Village Health Nurses. Deliveries are conducted at Health Sub Centres. Specialists are available in hospital for giving proper care for complicated pregnancy. For emergency Care during delivery people have to arrange vehicle and money well in advance.

Information like blood donation, operations, etc., may be obtained from Village Health Nurses complication of pregnancy during Anti-natal / post-natal period may be known from Village health Nurses, Ask the Village Health Nurses to know about the MTP, Village Health Nurses / Dais are issuing condoms, Tablets, etc. freely for postponing next pregnancy. Male para-medical workers are available to give information’s on male related problems. Information regarding sterilization can be got from the Village Health Nurses/Dais. For safe and clean delivery the Dais in the Village have been provided with delivery kit.

BCG, and oral polio vaccines should be given to children within 14 days from birth D.P.T. and Polio vaccines should be given thrice at the age of 6th week, 10th week and 14th week of the child. Measles vaccine is given to the children at age of 10th month. D.P.T. and Polio are given as Booster dose at the age of 18,months. Village Health Nurses are immunizing the children in the Village itself once in a month. Village Health Nurses are available at Health Sub Centre for treating minor ailments like cold, Fever, Diarrhea, etc.,

Male worker visits the Village twice and takes blood smear for fever cases to find whether the fever is a malaria. For positive cases of Malaria, Tablets for 3 days will be given to patient and blood smears are taken from all the other members of the family and people in the nearby household. Further arrangements are made for spray operations in the area.

Sputum’s are collected from chronic patients of cough and cold and sent to Primary Health Centre for examination. If found positive for Tuberculosis Treatment is arranged through Primary Health Centre for 6months. leprosy cases are treated up to one year through the primary Health Centre Staff.

Chlorination of Water sources and disinfections of affected houses during diarrhea are done by male workers, male workers are also taking action to remove garbage’s and fly control measures through local bodies.


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