TAHDCO came in to Existence in 1974. TAHDCO has implemented various schemes to develop the Economic Status of the downtrodden in Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people. Tamil Nadu Adi Dravidar Housing and Development Corporation Limited [TAHDCO] was incorporated in 1974 under the Companies Act, 1956. The Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India contribute to the Share Capital of the Corporation. At present the Authorized Share Capital of the Corporation is Rs. 100 Cr and paid up share capital is Rs.95.12 Cr. The State Govt. and the Central Govt. contribute the share capital in the ratio of 51:49. Though the Corporation was initially started as a Construction Company in 1974, the activities of the Corporation was extended to enable it to undertake a wide spectrum of economic development schemes for income generation, skill development training for Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes in the State. The construction wing of the Corporation is executing the construction works such as hostel buildings for Boys / Girls, School buildings, Science laboratories, Teachers’ quarters and RIDF School and Village infrastructure schemes with NABARD assistance.

Main Activities of the Corporation
  1. To implement economic development schemes for the Welfare of SC/ST in the State.
  2. To provide skill development training to youth belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes for job / self employment.
  3. To undertake construction activities entrusted by the Government.
Schemes Implements for Individuals and Adi Dravida Women Self Help Groups
  1. Agriculture activities
  2. Agriculture and allied activities
  3. Manufacturing/processing/services/and repairs
  4. Construction activities
  5. Trade and commerce
  6. Transport/storage/communication activities
  7. Other services
  8. Training
Agricultural and allied activities with project cost upto Rs.60000/-
Project Cost
up to 6 Lakhs
Subsidy Cost
50% of the project subject to maximum of Rs.25000
Promoter’s Contribution
5% of the project cost
Term loan From Bank
Balance Amount
Agriculture Activity with project cost more than Rs.6000/-upto 7.50 leads and for all other non-agricultural activities with project cost from Rs.6000/- to Rs.7.5 lacs.
Project Cost
up to 7.5 Lakhs
Subsidy Cost
50% of the project subject to maximum of Rs.25000
Promoter’s Contribution
30% of the project cost subject to maximum of Rs.25000/-
Term loan From Bank
Balance Amount

Schemes Implemented for Scavengers

Application Details

Printed Application Forms were issued to free of cost of individuals through Extension Officer [Adi Dravida Welfare] of concerned Panchayat Union Office.

Eligible Criteria
  1. Applications are only belonging to Hindu Adi Dravidars Community.
  2. Age between 18 and 55 years.
  3. Family Annual Income for Town Applicants within Rs.28,536/- Per annum
List of Documents enclosed with Applicants
  1. Xerox copy of Community Certificate
  2. Xerox copy of Income Certificate
  3. Xerox copy of Ration Card
  4. Documents in connection with Trade, which was choosed by Applicant.
  5. Passport size photo
Guidelines for Applied

Filled Applications in duplicate with above documents were received through this office through Extension officer [Adi Dravider Welfares] concerned.


For Adi Dravidar Mahalir Self Help groups the following schemes were implemented.

  1. Revolving fund.
  2. Sunsidy to Economic assistance.
  3. E.D.P. Training.
  4. D.T.P.Training
Selection Method

After the Applications were received in this office and Entered in the Master Register. Then it was separated Block wise and Place before in the Block Level selection Committee, Consisting of the following Members.

  1. District Manager, TAHDCO, Chairman
  2. Lead District Manager [Indian Overseas Bank], Member
  3. General Manager, [District Industries Centre], Member
  4. Extension Officer [Adi Dravidar Welfare]-Member
  5. Branch Manager of leading Bank Member

In the above committee is held in every Block. In this Applications were scrutinized and selected eligible Applications were forwarded to concerned Banks for sanction.

After selection by the Selection Committee, and receipt of claims from the lending bank, the list of selected beneficiaries is to be approved by District Collector, prior to the release of funds by TAHDCO. The  subsidy in the case of individual beneficiary is also will be back ended subsidy.


The SHG must have been recognized by Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women under Mahalir Thittam. Only such SHGs that have been already credit-rated have received revolving fund or Direct linkage under NABARD scheme and are considered for assistances under TAHDCO schemes.

The SHG must exclusively consist of SC members only. Application for assistance is to be forwarded by the SHG through the P.O Mahalir Tittam to District Manager, TAHDCO who will scrutinize and forward the same to the Branch Manager of the lending bank. On receipt of claims from the banker, District Manager, TAHDCO will obtain the approval of the District Collector, before the release of TAHDCO funds to the bank.

Financial assistance may be given to thr SHG for the groups collective economic activity and/or for the economic activities of the individual member of the SHG but in all cases, the lending will be  to the group and the liability of repayment will be that the group. The Subsidy of TAHDCO will be backended subsidy.

For Scheduled Castes – Self Help Groups
Project Cost Subsidy SHG’s contribution Term loan from Bank
Rs.6000 upto Rs.7.5 lacs 50% of the project cost Subject Maximum of Rs.2.50lacs 10% Balance



In order to improve  the earning capacities of  the  Scheduled Caste beneficiaries, by improving their  human capital [Skills], TAHDCO organizes a large number Vocational  Training Programmes, all over the District.

  1. Nursing
  2. Catering
  3. Printing
  4. Plumber
  5. Diesel Mechanic
  6. Radio T.V.Repair etc.

The candidates were selected by the District Manager, THADCO and District Employment Officer.


The General highlights of the guidelines are as follows.

  1. Training programmes are to be organized fo job employment as well as self employment. O nly such Vocational Training Programmes  which have  high employability potential are to be selected for training in all the districts.
  2. A District Level Committee consisting of District Manager, TAHDCO, General Manager, DIC and Dist. Employment officer, verifies and examines the training proposals of the prominent and will established training institution in the district and on their recommendation, the  training institution and courses are finally approved by the District Collector The candidates are selected by this committee from the employment exchange and through open advertisement. The programs of the training programs are monitored by the district Manager, TAHDCO and by the District Level Monitoring Committee for TAHDCO schemes [DMCTS], apart from the Head office.
  3. The entire training cost is funded by TAHDCO and it is free of cost for the beneficiary. In addition an amount of Rs.400/- per month is given as stipend to the trained.
  4. At the end of the Training Programmes TAHDCO’S financial assistance schemes is also made available to all the trainees, to enable those who are willing and able, to start Self – employment ventures.


NSKFDC, is also a corporation functioning under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. It primarily provides term loan assistance for any income generating projects, exclusively for those coming under the category of scavengers and sanitation workers. Under NSKFDC scheme for the following pattern of assistance by TAHDCO.

assistance map
Project cost Subsidy from TAHDCO Margin money loan
Generally upto Rs.5 lakhs 30% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs.25000 20% of the project cost, from TAHDCO at 4% rate of interest. Term loan from NSKFDC