Police department


The Old Thanjavur District which was bearing the brunt of communal riots and labour disputes was subjected to bifurcation in view of many events that took place elsewhere in the District exhorting the appointment of Police commission and subsequent bifurcation on their recommendations. It was bifurcated in to 2 as Thanjavur West and Thanjavur East (renamed as Nagai-Quaid-E-Milleth District) on 1.1.1971 as per GO 2343/Home dated 13.9.61 R/W 3162/Home Dated 13.9.61. Again there was regrouping of Districts mainly because of Communal unrest and inability to nip the problems in the bud with the location of villages like Muthupettai etc. far away from District Headquarters. Nagai Quaid-e-Milleth District was again divided in to 2 as Nagapattinam and Thiruvarur District as per GO 561/97 dated 17.4.97.

The coastal stretch running by the side of Bay of Bengal to a length of about 186 Kms with 20 Kms within the union territory of Pondicherry was subjected to smuggling activities in the past when Kankesanthurai located about 30 Kms away from Kodiyakkarai with in the Jaffna, Penisula was under the control of LTTE and even this was a transit point of Arms and ammunitions smuggled from Singapore and Eastern countries.

There are 10 Coastal check posts in the Districts to have a check on such movement and watchtower at Kodiyakkarai. The Srilankan Army has control over Jaffna Penisula and this has stood on the way of LTTE from continuing their virulent activities.
23.5 % 0.5 % 25 % 35 % 16 %
Community Hindus Muslims Christians others
83.5 % 11.5 % 3.5 % 1.5 %
AWPS/Nagapattinam Velipalayam 15-09-1994
AWPS/Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai 21-11-1995
AWPS/Sirkali Sirkali 08-12]-2001
AWPS/Vedaranyam Vedaranyam 27-01]-2003

2715 Sq Kms.
A.K.Chatram [75 Kms]
Kodiakkarai [65 Kms]
Northern Border District
South Arcot
Western Border District
Eastern Southern Border
Bay of Bengal


There are Two National Highways in Nagapattinam district

N.H.45-A Kollidam Bridge to Nagapattinam Melakottaivasal, covers a distance of 54.2 Kms.
N.H.67 Nagapattinam Melakottaivasal to Andipalayam district border covers a distance of 17 Kms.

Highway patrol is functioning from 23-08]-2003 in Nagapattinam District with full equipments and vehicle Toyota [QUALIS] TN 51 G 0291. Highway Patrol Team is divided in two sections each consisting of One Sub-Inspector of Police, 4 Police Constables and one Driver PC and it is functioning round the clock.

Coordination team is functioning in Nagapattinam District Superintendent of Police, Nagapattinam is the controlling officer of the team. Regional Transport Officer Nagapattinam, Divisional Engineer Highways Nagapattinam and Joint Director Health Nagapattinam are other members. Co-ordination team is carrying out. Joint inspection to prevent violations of traffic regulations. Attend to rectifications defects of road obstruction. And also to ensure timely medical attentions to the victims of road accidents.

Highway patrol is operating to bring down the number of accidents on the National Highways besides preventing crimes on the Highways. There is visible patrolling all the 24 Hours of the day. Highway patrol is being used judiciously to obtain optimum results. Weekly reports about the number of accidents occurred, cases booked, persons killed and injured in accidents are communicated on Sundays to the officers concerned. The weekly report is collected by the monitoring cell at Tanjore. Monthly Review Report is also sent every month.

Emergency Accidents Relief centers are yet to be opened in Nagapattinam District. A report has been sent to Transport Department for the early opening of Emergency Accidents Relief Centers

Near Mailaduthurai N. H. 45-A
Azhiyur in N.H. 67

Human Resource Matrix Serial Designation Phone Cell no
1 Superintendent of police Police,Nagapattinam [4365]-242888 9443147711
2 Additional Superintendent Police – Crime [4365]-243024 9842146646
3 Additional Superintendent of Police [ Prohibition and Excise Wing ] [4365]-242011 9842449939
4 Duputy Superintendent of police [4365]-243024
Assignment Distribution Serial Taluk Sub Taluk Contact Police Station Phone No.
1 Nagapattinam Assistant Superintendent Of Police, Nagapattinam
Nagapattinam [4365]-242450
Vellipalayam [4365]-242268
Nagore [4365]-250100
Thittacheri [4366]-234100
Velankanni [4365]-263100
2 Kilvelur Assistant Superintendent Of Police, Nagapattinam ,
Kilvelur [4366]-275450
3 Thirukuvalai Assistant Superintendent Of Police,Nagapattinam
Keelaiyur [4365]-265475
Thirukuvalai [4366]-245480
Valivalam [4366]-247227
4 Vedaranyam Deputy Superintendent Of Police, Vedaranyam ,
Vedaranyam [4369]-250450
Vaimedu [4369]-27[450
Talanayar [4369]-234425