Publish Date : 02/05/2018


NationalNIC,Nagai- Inside Office Informatics Centre (NIC) was established in 1976, and has since emerged as a “prime builder” of e-Government / e-Governance applications up to the grassroots level as well as a promoter of digital opportunities for sustainable development. NIC, through its ICT Network, “NICNET”, has institutional linkages with all the Ministries /Departments of the Central Government, 35 State Governments/ Union Territories, and about 625 District administrations of India. NIC has been instrumental in steering e-Government / e-Governance applications in Government ministries/departments at the Centre, States, Districts and Blocks, facilitating improvement in government services, wider transparency, promoting decentralized planning and management, resulting in better efficiency and accountability to the people of India.

“Informatics-led-development” programme of the government has been spearheaded by NIC to derive competitive advantage by implementing ICT applications in social & public administration. The following major activities are being undertaken:

  • Setting up of ICT Infrastructure
  • Implementation of National and State Level e-Governance Projects
  • Products and Services
  • Consultancy to the government departments
  • Research and Development
  • Capacity Building

NationalCommunication Setup at Terrace Informatics Centre, An Organization under the Department Of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, engaged in providing complete I.T. solutions to the Government machinery at all layers.National Informatics Centre, Nagapattinam, An arm of the above  Organization providing the same line of services to District Administration since its inception. Being the Nations’ Nodal ICT service provider NIC provides world class state of the art ICT solutions to various layers of the Administration. The Present Services include Email, INTRANET, INTERNET on Broadband, File Sharing , Central Printing Facilities , Video Conference, Webcasting

  • This office is equipped with a full fledged High speed Communication to the Globe via 100 MBPS leased circuit
  • It is also supported by a Ku-Band based FTDMA V-SAT
  • A Linux Database server with open source database engines
  • A Linux 8.0 Server hosting the  Proxy and Standby support to TNSWAN Services
  • An Windows 2000 Server hosting Local Web based Applications and Database Requirements
  • Two windows 2000 clients on LAN for windows Applications/Services support / Development
  • A Ubuntu LTS server hosting INTRANET and open source Applications on INTRANET
Power supply Diagram NIC Server LAN
NIC Nagai office Network NIC Nagai office, Telephone Network



A State wide Communication Network has been established as part of the Nation’ E-Governance Initiative, NeGP. This district , A straight in shape is on the vertical extension of State , connects all the Taluks, Blocks and Revenue Divisional Offices above the backbone of leased circuits from BSNL, The Nations’ Telecom services Provider. Backbone is on a higher band width, also supported by redundant connectivity to ensure Zero down time.

Many of the other Department offices like Employment , Treasury are integrated with TNSWAN for smooth and better connectivity.


The District Collectorate, A mostly ‘X’ like building is on a full, structured LAN, housing 16 number of 16/8 10/100 MBPS switches, one each at each wing connected using a ECAT5 cable. This is presently connecting 32 Important office/officers including the District collector, DRO, Additional Collector/PO (DRDA) , SDC-PGRC, PA (G), PA (Accounts), DSO etc., Apart from the Structured LAN at the hub of the District Administration, here at the Collectorate Complex, The Following are the facilities at other arms of the Administration.


Each of the Eight Taluks has a Computer Facility with a small LAN. It consists of a Windows NT server and Two Windows Workstation Clients on a 8 Port 10/100 MBPS Hub. An 132 Col. Dot Matrix Printer serves the Printing requirements of the Office. This LAN is connected via TNSWAN , available around the clock on three Dedicated PSTN Lines for Email, INTRANET and Selected INTERNET services. The Model Taluk of Nagapattinam has a Touch Screen Kiosk located at a public convenient Place, which is also on LAN serves the live information from the Current Applications like Land Records, Birth/Death Register Details etc.,.


All the Eleven Blocks of the District has a similar I.T Facility consists of a LAN, hosting Three Windows 2000 Professional systems and 132 Col. Dot Matrix Printer. This LAN too like the Taluks is connected via TNSWAN  enables them to do file transfer, Email and other Block Related Activities towards a Digital Office.



ADistrict collectorate Lan Backbone map Local Area Network has been setup serving up to a total 16 nodes currently and serving all kinds of TCP/IP based services like Email , file sharing, devices sharing in side the Office

A Structured Local Area Network flows over all the four floors and its sixteen wings of this Collectorate Master Complex. This houses Sixteen Number 10/100 MBPS Switches located one each at each wing of Each Floor, all Inter Connected and connected back to a switch at NIC for routing of INTERNET services. The Main Switch, also has a standby to take care of its failure in order to achieve Zero Down Time.

This Master LAN, which also connects other Small LANs established at NIC, Election Computer Centre, DRDA and Forest is currently serving more than fifty clients in total. This LAN also has a Print Server which has three Printers including one Line Printer (600 LPM) in its hand to meet the printing requirements arising out in LAN. This LAN is currently integrated with the TNSWAN, A State wide Network established under the National initiative, NeGP (National E-Governance Plan).

The TNSWAN provides vertical connectivity from state to District and from district to Taluks as well as blocks. In Nagapattinam District , The District Headquarters connects all the seven Taluks of the district and the Eleven Blocks along with two Revenue Divisional Offices as well as the Collector’s Camp Office. TNSWAN also has Closed networks for individual Departments viz. Treasury, Health and Transport etc.,This enables individual departments to host and run their domain specific applications in a secure manner and expose only few of its schemas to the internet which are required by Public.


An District INTRANET pageIntranet Server containing all required local information like District email Directory, Telephone Directory, Tour Programmes of Collector/D.R.O , Village Directory etc., and utility forms is running and being updated regularly to cater to local information requirements. A Media Collection which serves key videos about the District. A Photo Gallery which has wide classified collections photoes of Important Places,Key Events etc.,. This also Internal web based File Manager, a repository of key Documents


WeDistrict Web site Page are hosting our district’s official web site. This site which wore a portal look serving information about the entire district Administration and all its important activities. The interface, also provides links to key websites on information about the District.This could be reached through http:// www.nagapattinam.


Providing A Sample Training Sessionstate of the art Video Conference solutions to the entire District Administration . This is being carried on the 100 MBPS leased line.A Studio along with the necessary infrastructure is in  place to have a convenient sessions with any of the clients or group of the clients around the nation.


We Imagehave identified Pro Computer staff as KRP (Key Resouce Persons) from Taluks, Blocks and other Offices and given intensive training on Computer Management centre management .Training on Basic computer operations and the desktop applications like word processor and spread sheet has given to staffs of various departments.