Nagapattinam District Town and Country Planning

The Government in its G.O.Ms.No.420 H&UD Deptdt/10.06.93 Notified Nagapattinam Local Planing Area the under section 10(1) of Town and Country Planning Act, 1971. Finally Nagapattinam Local Planning Area was confirmed with old Nagapattinam Municipal Area and 154 Surrounding Village under section 10(4) of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 in G.O.No.56 H&UD Dept dated 10.02.97. The extent of the Nagapattinam Local Planning Area is 675.59Sq.Km. and its population is 1774122 as per 2 Census. Nagapattinam Local Planning Authority was constituted with District Collector as Chairman and Joint Director of Town and couutryPlaning as Member Secretary as in G.O.Ms.No.759 H&UD Deptdt 01.09.93 and G.O.Ms.No.282 H&UD Deptdt 19.08.97. The Nagapattinam Local Planning Area consists of Nagapattinam Municipal Corporation, 8 Town Panchayats and 7 Panchayat Unions.

Jurisdiction of Nagapattinam Local Planning Area