165-Vedharanyam Assembly Constituency

165-Vedharanyam Assembly Constituency
Sl.No Name of the Candidate and Party 1’st Reconciliation held on 27.03.2021 2 nd Reconciliation held on 31.03.2021 3 rd Reconciliation held on 04.04.2021 Final
1 R.Panner selvam

Bahujan Samaji  Katchi

Statement(785kb) Statement(790kb)  Statement(811kb)  Statement
2 O.S Manian


Statement(723 kb)  Statement(879kb)  Statement(834kb)  Statement
3 S.K.Vedarethinam


Statement(824kb)  Statement(2222kb)  Statement(871kb)   Statement
4 P.S Arumugam


Statement(295 kb)  Statement(775kb)  Statement(879kb)  Statement
5  K.Rajendran Naam Tamilar katchi Statement(440kb)  Statement(779kb)   Statement(854kb)   Statement
6 T. Sundaravadivelen         Shiva sena Statement(429kb)  Statement(824kb)  Statement(809kb)  Statement
7 Mohamed Ali

Makkal Neethi Maiyam

Statement(803kb)  Statement(825kb)  Statement(794kb)  Statement
8 R.Ramamoorthi Independent Statement(440kb)  Statement(4374kb)  Statement(827kb)  Statement
9 T.Ramajeyam Independent Statement (440kb) Statement(874kb)  Statement(775kb)  Statement
10 R.Kathivel      Independent Statement (441 kb) Statement(794kb)  Statement(778kb)  Statement
11 P.V Thenathayalan Independent Statement(444kb)   Statement(874kb)    Statement(874kb)   Statement
12 12 V.Veerakumar Independent Statement(394kb)  Statement(874kb)   Statement(874kb)  Statement